Monday, January 19, 2015

Costa Rica

My family and I took a short and sweet vacation to Costa Rica. We stayed in the Andaz Papagayo Resort, which is a fairly new Hyatt luxury hotel. The resort was breathtakingly beautiful and so enjoyable to stay at.

One day we basically went off-roading trying to see the volcano at Rincon de la Viejo. We also drove to Portero Grande to see the divine beach. On our last day we drove 5 hours to San Jose, which is the capital of Costa Rica. It was a busy city with lots of cars and lots of wind. We also got pulled over for illegally making a left turn (there were no signs to prohibit this)! However the police basically asked us to pay him money equal to $20 to get off without a ticket. Shady business!

My favorite part about Costa Rica, besides the beautiful scenery, were the hole-in-the-wall restaurants (called "Soda" in Costa Rica) that we bravely just walked into and enjoyed. It was an amazing way to experience local cuisine but be aware that people in these places do not speak any English! We sort of just took wild guesses and ordered a mix of things. The only thing I knew of was 'Cafe con leche' which is just coffee with milk - delicious! 'Gallo pinto' was another dish that I loved - basically rice with black beans but prepared with certain seasonings and flavors! 

All in all, it was a memorable vacation, one that I will never forget! Costa Rica, thanks for memories!