Monday, June 15, 2015

Nordstrom, you rock!

I ordered a Tory Burch key case and a Kate Spade bluetooth speaker from Nordstrom. I've been waiting for it for 2 weeks because one of them is a birthday present for my boss. I finally checked the tracking information to find the horror - I shipped it to my old address in State College, PA. I called Nordstrom admitting that there's probably nothing they can do but I just wanted to see it was 100% hopeless. Sandy from customer service sent me a brand new order of my items to Sacramento. I was literally blown away by this and so inspired to be more like Sandy. I will forever be loyal to Nordstrom and so thankful to Sandy for saving me so much anguish. Some fellow Nittany Lion is probably stylin' and groovin' with their new presents.