Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cacti Flowers

Two days ago I looked out my patio and saw these beautiful flowers had bloomed on my cactus plant.

This morning I looked out my patio and saw that the orange flower had disappeared and this red flower poked its beautiful head out into the world! Can you believe this is even the same cactus plant?! All within 2 days!

Update: Three days have since passed and the cacti have bloomed two more beautiful, fuchsia colored flowers!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Essie Spring 2015 Collection

The last time I got one of these mini Essie season sets was in the Fall. I was so impressed and I still use that collection even when it's not fall. I skipped the Winter 2014 collection and bought the Spring 2015 collection which is what you see in the photos. 

1) Flowerista: a deep fuschia/purple; looks darker on the nails than in the bottle
2) Blossom Dandy: a mint green color very similar to their 'Mint Candy Apple' color but with a more green/teal hue
3) Petal Pushers: a blue/gray color similar to 'Merino Cool' with more blue
4) Perennial Chic: a light peach color

I would have to say that for the spring time, my favorite out of this collection would be Flowerista. It's such a unique color that I really enjoy looking at! You can find this collection here for $17.