Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Body Shop

For the first time ever, I trekked my way into The Body Shop and browsed their selections for probably a good hour. I was so happy with my decision to go into the store because they had such great promotions happening on the day of my visit.

50% off all body productsBuy 1, get 1 50% off!Buy 2, get 2 free!Buy 3, get 2 free!
Aren’t those promotions just amazing?! I couldn’t help myself I spent $50 in a heartbeat. The body products promotion is no longer but the others are still on, and so is the Father’s Day special – 50% off all men’s products!

Anyway, let me talk about what I purchased! I got 3 things from their Tea Tree Oil product line.
1) Cool & Creamy Face Wash: When they said cool & creamy, they really meant it! This product leaves a cool, minty, refreshing feeling on your skin for up to 10 seconds after you apply, scrub, and wash it off. It is perfect for the morning when you are feeling groggy and need a pleasant wake up call! It is suitable for blemished skin so if you are having one of those days where you feel like your skin is troubling you, this is perfect to use!
You can find the product here.

2) Pore Minimiser: I apply this product to my T-zone to minimize the appearance of my ugly pores! They can go away and stay away. It really mattifies my skin and acts as a great base for my make up. However I use it at night time sometimes as well. I’m not sure if it is just in my head but I do tend to notice a difference. The only beef I have with this product is that it smells very strongly of tea tree oil – not very pleasant when I’m trying to apply it onto my nose.
You can find the product here.

3) Tea Tree Oil: This is the straight-up tea tree oil that you can apply directly to your blemishes. Actually, it says 15% tea tree oil so I’m sure it is very diluted with water but it surely does not smell so. This formula smells so musky – I find it difficult to endure the scent. It does seem to help my blemishes so I weigh my pros and cons ;-)
You can find the product here.

Then I purchased the Brazil Nut Body Butter because their body butters are all the rave! However, I would never pay $20 for a tub – that is just too expensive for body moisturizer! I only bought it because at 50% I paid $10. It is an impressive product though. This particular scent would be perfect for those of you that tend to go for the shea butter, vanilla type of scents. The Brazil Nut scent reminds me of a vanilla cupcake bakery. I even preferred it over the Shea Butter scent. I look forward to showering every day so that I can indulge in this body butter afterwards. My body just takes it all in – so much so that I feel like i can apply the whole tub to my body and it would be just fine!

You can find the product here.

I also paid $10 and joined their membership club – Love Your Body. I can earn points and get special offers through the card. Apparently on my birthday, I get $10 automatically loaded onto the card so I get my $10 back eventually. I thought that was harmless and a great way for them to make some revenue! Props to the Body Shop all around – I will definitely be back soon!

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